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Creating wealth has significantly changed over the time. Sudden and remarkably. I try to convince myself and will be posting few evidence,modern portfolio strategy and my personal story on investing in assets. But, Before you go to read about me, I would like You to write a number 744,400 $ .  This number forcefully made me to spend 830$ to create this blog. Please go on reading and comment.

Hello, I am a 40-year old non-native Belgian living in Brussels. This amazing city is a personal, professional and financial success to me. Moreover, Some investment losses and stupid decisions taken initially taught me insight of wealth creation.

About me, I went to school and later college – without knowing the purpose, or knowing little about education. That landed me a technocrat. Then, I evolved myself in management world. Most of my day is spent on either phone, laptop or with family and kids.

During first 3 years of work after the graduation in year 1996, My average savings were  50€ each month! (But Oh, I was enjoying a lot. To be honest, worth of each €  was higher in terms of satisfaction & happiness.). Current/Saving account was the only investment that I was aware! Funds and stocks were “gambling” to me.  What a fun it was to read manually written bank passbook.Simply amazing.

Quality of being frugal – I was able to save around 50,000 € by the summer of 2003.

In 2003, I wanted to buy this device in $450 – but instead I bought the Apple share worth $450

How I landed in investments?  Casually, compelled or Planned? wait a minute. Actually anything but planned.

In 2003, I wanted to own an iPod for 450 $. Instead, I followed their tagline “Think Different”. Voila – I changed the decision and bought shares of Apple Inc. Thanks for the tagline Dear Steve:) Roughly, that decision was worth over 40,000 $ over the time with occasional rain of dividends and split.

Eventually, that was my  first investment in stock market a spend converted into asset.

In the same year, I got me another lesson – ‘Turn ignorance into money’. Upon a casual discussions with a friend in Houston, TX  – I bought (or bet) all my savings approx 48,000 $ into an almost unknown metal company AK Steel (AKS). Later I studied company and it turned out that they resolved a long pending hurdle – and I sold at profit of approx 843,000 $. This was around 18 times profit! (Since that day he never gave me any advice 🙂 . The number 744,400 $ which I asked you to note on whiteboard earlier – is the amount if you own, you come within 1% of the wealthy persons on planet (Economist) reported by Credit Suisse. I could not believe a casual approach pushed me higher zone from a person who had 50 $ saving each month few years back.

Isn’t it cool to be a millionaire like this? Hold on, No it is not!

Getting the results without knowing the insights of the game is a “Bet”, which unfortunately I looked at equity markets around the world.

My next move was to buy stocks of DELL (at 34 $! )  and 2 Chinese businesses: China Agritech (CAGC) & Wonder Auto (WATG). Both the Chinese companies were a fraud which got De-listed from US Stock Markets; while Dell stock went down heavily. I lost over 500,000 $ over a short period. This was my costliest lesson in life – “Think Long term, and invest only on assets you have knowledge”.

I was away from stock market for a while. Currency trading (OANDA) also proved as an gamble. I lost 30,000 € while maintaining a short position in EURUSD currency pair.

During 2008, I started learning the financial markets. I spent 3 years the best possible knowledge available, attended hundreds of seminars, fact sheets, books, reports and diversification. My perception on investment started to get changing from a game to “investment science”. I will share my notes into the posts.

Idea of creating blog came in recently where I will share my portfolio, the tools I have to take investment decisions, the goal book and growth of capital. My portfolio includes Global equities, Funds (Investment funds), ETF trackers, Commodities and Real Estate. I stopped trading completely which includes day-trading and currency trading.

If you would like to contribute in blog, Do write me in comments section. I would also urge to write your comments.

I wish happy investing and who knows our journey are not much different.

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